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Dr. Perlman is the chiropractor to go to for all your musculoskeletal problems. Perlman Chiropractic is a micro practice which means he is much more accessible and will spend more time with his patients than your typical office. Dr. Perlman is a patient centered practitioner. Treatment is individually tailored to each patient after a complete history and physical exam is performed.

In addition to hands on treatment Spinal Decompression and Cold Laser Therapy are offered with NO upfront costs, Dr. Perlman also makes custom foot orthotics in office from a digital scan.


Many medical doctors, counselors, massage therapists, school nurses, and collegiate athletic trainers refer their patients to Dr. Perlman.

I would be honored to be a part of your healthcare team. If you want to feel better or maintain your current health, make an appointment today”

- Eric Perlman, D.C.