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I have been in the cleaning industry for over 23 years. I started out cleaning houses and learning as I went along. As my reputation grew I began cleaning offices on a nightly and weekly basis. My business later expanded into buildings that needed to be maintained nightly and the many different jobs that needed to be done.

My company services all types of commercial clientele. I have experience with doctor offices, insurance companies, photo studios, day cares, schools, architecture firms, real-estate companies, manufacturing firms, delivery services and many other professional institutions.

In addition to regular office and building maintenance we also provide a number of services that are one time or seasonal. These include:

-VCT stripping and waxing

-Ceiling tile cleaning

-Seasonal and holiday cleaning

-Carpet cleaning

-Tile floor buffing

-Move in/out cleaning for residence or realtors

-Post construction cleaning

-Hoarder and squalor cleaning


Window Washing

My crews are also well trained window cleaners. We are able to accommodate up to three stories in both the domestic and commercial markets. Additionally, we can handle large commercial jobs with old or new windows with services including;

-       Windows fully washed

-       Screens cleaned

-       Storm windows washed

-       Calcium / mineral deposits removed

Floor Maintenance

My company also specializes in maintaining your floors. We provide stripping and waxing, re-finishing and buffing services for Vinyl Ceramic Tile (VCT), Laminate, Luxury and Solid Vinyl Tile. We also specialize in working with flooring installers and general contractors providing the final step of sealing and finishing a new floor installation. We use heavy equipment that is capable of stripping thousands of square feet an hour and leaving a perfectly clean surface for wax.

At Empty Mirror Cleaners we are more than happy to provide our customers with a free estimate. We’ll discuss your needs and budget in order to come up with the best course of action for your home or business.