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Kevin Levinson

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Information Technology – Computers


Managed IT Services. Customized Solutions, Tailored to your needs. WE MAKE I.T. WORK FOR YOU. Let AYS Technologies be your trusted advisor. We’ll work with you to lay a solid technology foundation with systems that are built right; systems that work hard for you and your business. AYST is a provider of technology management solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. We can serve as your network administrator, or a resource for your IT staff. Our team provides expert IT services to businesses of all types. We focus on our commitment to expertise with new technologies that will give you an edge. This allows us to tailor unique, effective and manageable solutions. Using the right combination of products, combined with our Managed Onsite Services, will provide you with stability for your infrastructure and an IT staff to support it.


Kevin is committed to our customers, integrity, and accuracy in every way. Specializing in planning, presenting and implementing new equipment and services based on the customer’s needs, objective and budget. Kevin has built his 20-year career on long-term client and vendor relationships as an IT executive and is responsible for customer relationships and day-to-day operations.


Kevin Levinson

Operations Manager






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