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Kevin Conroy| Life Insurance Agent |MassMutual Rochester


My goal at MassMutual is to help my clients understand the impact of their potential financial decisions before that decision is executed.


I help individuals, families and business owners to protect their income and assets.  I also focus on helping them with tax efficient income planning.


What do I provide?

Financial advice


Term life insurance

Cash Value life insurance

Disability insurance

Retirement protection insurance

Buy/Sell and business succession planning

Generational wealth transfer planning

College planning

Long term care planning

401(k) plans

Corporate and executive benefits


Contact me at: or 585.399.8329



Kevin J. Conroy

Financial Services Professional

Office:  585.399.8329

Cell:  585.794.7156


MassMutual Rochester

700 Bausch & Lomb Place

Rochester, NY 14604